The Purposeful Entrepreneur Mentor Class

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Product Template - Purposeful Masterclass.png

The Purposeful Entrepreneur Mentor Class


Heyyyyyyyy girl!

Do you have a strong desire to live out God's purpose for your life?

Or do you want to pursue those burning passions that are in your heart but aren't quite sure how to do it? 

If that's you then the Purposeful Entrepreneur Mentor Class is perfect for you!

PEM is a 2 Hour Master Class designed to teach you:

  • How to find God's true purpose for your life
  • How to find your passion trigger points
  • How to become a student of your passion
  • How to develop a personal develop plan for success
  • How to map out your Passion Action Plan

I want to help you clearly identify God's purpose & passions for your life and pursue them with force! Now is the time to make your dreams and goals NON NEGOTIABLE!

See what previous PEM students are saying:

" WOW, The Purposeful Entrepreneur Mentor Class was AMAZING! Brittany really helped me to do an analysis of myself and my purpose. I found that I have really been slacking on God's purpose for my life and that I need to get moving! She helped me to change my perspective and showed me how a personal develop plan could help jumpstart my purpose & passions." - LaToya 


"I really have a purpose on this earth! Throughout my entire life, i've been told that I can't do this or I can't do that, and I believed it! So I never pushed myself beyond my limits to pursue my dreams or goals. But Brittany gave me so much hope and reignited my passion for children! I now know that it's possible to pursue God's purpose & passions for my life and I can't thank her enough for this class!" - Terri 


I want to help you gain this same type of clarity and hope when it comes to your purpose & passion! God has something special for you to do on this earth and I want to help you discover it!

All you need to do is register below and you'll be sent your welcome package! I'll see you in your purpose! 

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