The Marketing Trio Workbook

Product Template - Marketing.png
Product Template - Marketing.png

The Marketing Trio Workbook


Are you frustrated trying to turn your followers into buyers?

Can seem to figure out how to monetize your social media community? 

Itching to increase not only your income but impact and influence online?

My friend, you need a lead generating system for your business!

The concept of turning your followers into buyers sounds good until you have to actually put together the systems and funnel to get it done. You can't just throw together a random freebie and workbook and think you're going to make a million dollars. 

You need a solid system in place to funnel consistent leads and sales into your business. After working with countless clients who had goals to generate more leads and sales, I found that they all lacked the same thing...

A Sales Funnel

So I decided to create a simple process to help them turn their followers into leads and buyers. I like to call that process the Marketing Trio:

  • Impact

  • Influence

  • Income

Through this process, I'll help you identify your goals, target audience, their problem, and pain points and create a signature offer that easily converts and completely solves their problem. 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to package up your brilliance and start solving some problems! 

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