Are you at the end of yourself? Does it seem like things just aren't going according to your plans? 

I know exactly how you feel girl. You made all of these plans to be married by 25, millionaaire by 35, private island by 40, and they fell through! You start doing all of these "things" to make yourself (look) successful but you still end up failing. Like come on God when is it going to be my turn!?

Can I tell you that you're in the perfect positioned to be used by God. You're not being punished, He's simply trying to get your attention. He wants to show you a different path, the pathway that was created for you. Girl, it's time to stop trying to make something happen and just Surrender!

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"Gracefully Surrendered is about my story of Struggle to Surrendered. It was important for me to get this book out of my belly and into the world because I want to help an entire generation of teen girls and young women stop trying to force their plans and simply surrender to the beautiful plans God laid out for them." 



Meet the author

Heyyyyy! My name is Britt and I am a Jesus loving, matcha drinking, powerhouse author, speaker, minister and podcaster. I do alot of things actually. But I don't want to make this intro too long. 

My life mission is to be a catalyst for change i the lives of teen girls, and college age women who struggle with low self esteem, insecurities, anger, childhood traumas, and worry. Through my books, speaking and mentoring I am able to help them identify the root of their issues, overcome their limiting beliefs and move forward onto their path of purpose.

It's not just my chance that you ended up on this specific page. I believe that God attracts problems to their answers.  I believe this book is the answer to your problem. Maybe not all of your problems lol. But I do believe that my story will cause a shift in your life that will inspire you to rise up and move forward into your destiny. 

Gracefully Surrendered is here, yay!

. All digital copies will be sold here, and the hard copies will be sold on Amazon.

BONUS: Pre-ordered physical copies will be signed by me (yay) and will also come with a free e-book version while your book is being shipped.

Did I mention that there is a Gracefully Surrendered Journal? 

Girl yes! I am a firm believer in journaling your journey. This journey of living a surrendered life isn't easy, but it's possible. You're going to need some tools. This journal works perfectly alongside the Gracefully Surrendered Books.

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