How to Become A Transparent Storyteller [ plus free storytellers guide]

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We've all heard people tell us that storytelling is KEY to building a community and lovable brand! Which is absolutely true, but in this episode, I want to talk a little bit about why it's important to share your story and how you can begin to organize your story. 

As I've been testing out different types of content for my community, I've found that storytelling makes a HUGE impact on my community. At first, I was a little afraid to go into those secret places and peeling back the curtains and letting people in. I was afraid I would get judged for my mistakes and failures over the last year and I would rather keep my story to myself than to get judged. But then I thought to myself, "what's the worst that could happen if I open up?" So I did it and it all started with this post:

What’s the worst than can happen if you share your story with your community?

It was like the flood gates had been opened and I cracked a code. But then I thought "that was probably this post, let me try it again." So then I did it again with a 60-second funny video and this is what happened: engagement galore!

From this case study, I found that storytelling taps into the heart of your community. Because many times people think they're the only ones going through what they're experiencing and that no one in the world can relate. Storyteller lets them know, hey I'm a person just like you and I can relate to your financial struggles, family issues, and entrepreneurship issues! And that opens the door to making connections and building relationships!

In this week's blog post I'm sharing the process of stories and how you can begin to craft your own story. I have also created a Storytellers worksheet that I believe can assist you on your journey of transparency. The Storytellers Worksheet will help you break down your 3 main processes and give you a few key tips on how you can begin to share your story on social media. 

Grab your storytellers guide in our free resource library below!