3 Instagram Posts The Build Massive Engagement

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Social Media is becoming less about quantity and more about quality

Have you been seeing less and fewer likes and comments on your Instagram post? Does it seem like you're not getting the same visibility as you did last year?

I've been doing a lot of testing on Instagram over the past month when it comes to building engagement. I learned that with the new IG and FB algorithms it's less about quantity and more about quality.

Before it was a numbers page, let's post 3-5 times a day to get in front of as many eyes as possible. But now the rules have changed, it's pay for play! They want to know that your content is adding value and that it's something your community is interested in seeing. 


FB and IG don't give a crap about the number of posts you create per day. If you do not leverage Fb ads to drive your content, then you better start reconsidering your strategy! That's what today's post is all about. In my experimenting, I've found 3 specific types of posts that have been yielding tremendous results. I'm sharing those post in this week's post.