The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Social Media Content For The Next 30 Days

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Creating a month’s worth of social media content isn’t as challenging as it seems, it just takes an enormous amount of concentration & FOCUS! Don’t try to multitask and do a million things at once, focus all of your energy on creating. 

When it comes to planning & creating a month’s worth of social media content, or any content for that matter, the FIRST thing you want to have is a good mental headspace. If you’re tired, frustrated or trying to force it, then you won’t create the magic you truly want to make. When I feel like I’m forcing content creation, I take a break for a few hours or a day to get in a creative mood when I proceed with creating content. 

So number one, be in a good head space & be free from all distractions. Don’t try to create content with the tv on, or with a bunch of kids running around. Girl, no, get somewhere where you can focus for about an hour or two. 

Number two, have a good understanding of what your audience needs from you. What issues are they having, and why are they coming to you? Understanding what your audience needs, is the foundation of good content creation. Many times we’re creating content, products, and services based on what we “think” is a good idea. But we never vetted the idea or asked our community if it’s something they even wanted.

Remember you are in business to SERVE your community. So you better start asking them what they need and create content, services, and products based on their needs. 

Number three, break their questions, concerns or problems down into bite-size chunks. For example let says they want to know how to create a budget. They can be turned into many different micro pieces. For example:

What is a budget?
Why do you need a budget?
How creating a budget helped me get to my financial goals
How helping my client budgets helped them meet their goals
How my life was before I had a budget

These are just a few examples of how you can create multiple post from ONE topic. Something I like to do is tackle the topic from multiple angles. 

From my Communities Perspective
My Personal Perspective
A Previous Clients / Students Perspective
From an Education Perspective

I want my community to know what I am an ALL around expert in this field. Not only can I give you amazing content and advice, but I have a proven track record of helping other people reach their goals in this specific area. 

Does this process seem like a foreign language? Girl, I’m here to make your life easier, grab your copy of my new Limited Edition Social Media Guide right here. No more struggling to come up with content ideas. 

This is how you get people coming back for more! The goal is to give them EXTREME value. 

Number four, batching your content. Batching is my BEST FRIEND, it’s my secret weapon for content creation. This is how I’m able to create 30 days of content in ONE day. Batching simply means creating a lump sum of content in a short period of time. All of my Batching takes place in Trello or Google Docs, depending on the type of content I am creating at the time. When it comes to my social media content, I batch in Trello. Here’s what my Social Media Trello Board looks like:


Because I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years I can knock out content in an hour, the most two hours. But I want you to pace yourself, start out by Batching for 30 minutes and see how much content you can create in that time frame. I don’t want you to overwhelm your brain. Eventually, you can work your way up to an hour. 

Number five is editing & scheduling. Either I or my VA will edit my content and schedule on the perspective automation tools.  

See that wasn’t as you thought! But I still want to make your life as EASY as possible, so I’ve created The Ultimate Social Media Guide to help you plan & organize your content before you start batching. 

Inside the guide are the questions you need to consider BEFORE you start creating, a content outline and a planning checklist. If you need to get your WHOLE life together when it comes to your Social Media Content then girl you need the guide! Yeah go ahead and purchase your copy today

I hope this post was of value to you and your social media planning process! Cheers to your next 30 Days of Content

6 Free Tools You Can Use To Organize and Automate Your Social Media Content

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As you can probably tell I have a serious love for organizing and planning content. Last year when I first started out on my entrepreneurship journey the one thing that slowed me up was content creation. I knew I had to have a serious system in place to streamline my process. I didn’t want to write posts or create content every single week because I wanted to use that time to work on other projects. Here’s a behind the scenes look at my process and the FREE tools I use to execute my process: 

The Planning Phase: The first step in my planning phase is establishing my goals for the month. Am I launching a new product, do I want to focus on list building, or do I simply want to add extreme value to my community?

My content ideas typically come from questions or concerns I’ve gotten from my community. I take their question and create content that simply gives them the answer.

Once I’ve established my goals for that month I work my way backward, and I eventually create my overall theme for the month [I’ll be creating a separate post explaining this process soon]. I like to have all of my content in one place so that I know exactly what’s going on for the month. I organize each month’s content using Trello and this is what my Content Board typically looks like this:

Each week I know the exact type of content that I have rolling out and the specific week/day that the content will launch, cool right? You can also use Google Calendar to give you a birds eyes view of your monthly content. Plus you can invite your team to your calendar so they know what’s going on months in advance. Once the planning process is complete and I know the exact type of content I’m creating I move on to Phase two!

The Batching Phase: I am a firm believer in batching. Batching is my best friend yall! Batching simply means creating a lump sum of content at one time, versus you creating it on a weekly or daily basis. I create all of my content in one day for the entire month. Now based on my goals and the type of content I’m creating, that determines what social media platform I use, how often I post and how I post the content. All of my batching takes place in Google Drive. I think my entire life is planned out on Google Drive. I create a folder for each month and within each fold a have a Google Sheet dedicated to my batched blog posts, vlogs, social media content, everything! Since I am able to invite other people to my Google Drive, I am able to add an assistant or VA to my folders so that they can edit and grab content to schedule when needed. 

The Automation Phase:Content is KING, Automation is QUEEN." Now I am a firm believer in working SMARTER not HARDER. And for me creating & posting social media content or any content on a daily basis is way too time consuming, I could be spending that energy doing something that I love.

My follow up to batching is having that batched content scheduled a month in advance. PAUSE let’s think about this for a second…. Do you understand how many HOURS you are saving by batching your content alone? Then you have the nerve to schedule it in advance? WHAT!

When it comes to my social media content I use 2 specific tools; Planoly & HootSuite. If you would like to see how I use Planoly To Style My Instagram click here. Planoly is an Instagram Planning & Scheduling tool. If you’re a visual person you’ll love it because you can arrange your post to your liking and see how your feed will look before you ever post one picture. Within the tool you can schedule content, check your analytics, respond to comment and more. One the flip side there’s Hootsuite for all other social media platforms, i.e Twitter & Facebook. I simply love the simplicity and ease of the platform, plus I can schedule unlimited posts on a free account. Another tool I recommend is Buffer, which is what I was using before I switched to HootSuite. I love the calendar view option in Buffer, but the free plan sucks. I wouldn’t recommend using the free plan there isn’t much value because you can only connect 1 social media account and schedule up to 10 posts a month. Unless you’re producing low volume like that on one account then knock yourself out. But BRUH, what am I going to do with that, however, the paid plans are fabulous. 

I hope this list of tools were helpful to your content creation journey. I use this process for all of my content creation not just my social media content. But I recommend you do what works for you and your brand. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these tools above and how you like them!

Talk Soon,


How to Become A Transparent Storyteller [ plus free storytellers guide]

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We've all heard people tell us that storytelling is KEY to building a community and lovable brand! Which is absolutely true, but in this episode, I want to talk a little bit about why it's important to share your story and how you can begin to organize your story. 

As I've been testing out different types of content for my community, I've found that storytelling makes a HUGE impact on my community. At first, I was a little afraid to go into those secret places and peeling back the curtains and letting people in. I was afraid I would get judged for my mistakes and failures over the last year and I would rather keep my story to myself than to get judged. But then I thought to myself, "what's the worst that could happen if I open up?" So I did it and it all started with this post:

What’s the worst than can happen if you share your story with your community?

It was like the flood gates had been opened and I cracked a code. But then I thought "that was probably this post, let me try it again." So then I did it again with a 60-second funny video and this is what happened: engagement galore!

From this case study, I found that storytelling taps into the heart of your community. Because many times people think they're the only ones going through what they're experiencing and that no one in the world can relate. Storyteller lets them know, hey I'm a person just like you and I can relate to your financial struggles, family issues, and entrepreneurship issues! And that opens the door to making connections and building relationships!

In this week's blog post I'm sharing the process of stories and how you can begin to craft your own story. I have also created a Storytellers worksheet that I believe can assist you on your journey of transparency. The Storytellers Worksheet will help you break down your 3 main processes and give you a few key tips on how you can begin to share your story on social media. 

Grab your storytellers guide in our free resource library below!




3 Instagram Posts The Build Massive Engagement

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Social Media is becoming less about quantity and more about quality

Have you been seeing less and fewer likes and comments on your Instagram post? Does it seem like you're not getting the same visibility as you did last year?

I've been doing a lot of testing on Instagram over the past month when it comes to building engagement. I learned that with the new IG and FB algorithms it's less about quantity and more about quality.

Before it was a numbers page, let's post 3-5 times a day to get in front of as many eyes as possible. But now the rules have changed, it's pay for play! They want to know that your content is adding value and that it's something your community is interested in seeing. 


FB and IG don't give a crap about the number of posts you create per day. If you do not leverage Fb ads to drive your content, then you better start reconsidering your strategy! That's what today's post is all about. In my experimenting, I've found 3 specific types of posts that have been yielding tremendous results. I'm sharing those post in this week's post.