Equipping Christian womenpreneurs with the spiritual & practical tools they needs to build their best business...



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Explore Our Services 

Not sure what service best meets your need? Download our 2017/2018 Service Guide to find out how we can serve you!

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Need some focus? 

Are you all over the place in your business? Feel like you're on this hamster wheel and not sure what direction you should be taking? Girl, you need some focus check out our F&S Program.  

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Power Hour Session

Want a power packed coaching session? Our Power Hour Session will leave you with peace, clarity and a plan of action for your Purpose Driven Business.  

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A Vision Beyond Entrepreneurship 

My Vision is to equip the next generation of servant leaders with the tools they needs to step into their AMAZINGNESS.


The heart of a servant 

I am a servant first.

I truly believe that as entrepreneurs, God have given us gifts and talents that need to be ministered to our clients, customers and students through our products and services. 

We have a responsibility to steward our businesses properly!

My mission here at the BRR Studio is to help female led Christian brands and organizations develop Christ Centered Business system that allows them to minister their products and services to their dream clients, customers and students with grace and ease.